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Texas Crude Oil Facts and Statistics
U.S. Crude Oil Facts and Statistics
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Texas Natural Gas Facts and Statistics
U.S. Natural Gas Facts and Statistics
Joseph King McMahon Petroleum Engineering Scholarship
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Citizen Partnership / Multi-Media
I. Leasing/Mineral Rights
Fee Simple Estate
Split Estate/Severance of Land
Determination of Mineral Rights Ownership
What to do if Mineral Rights are not owned
Leasing Basics
Lease Contents
Additional Leasing Tips
II. Exploration
Field Geology
Gravity Surveys
Magnetic Surveys
Seismic Surveys
Geochemistry Surveys
Computer Modeling
III. Drilling
Types of Wells
Basic Drilling Rig Systems
Offshore Rig Types
Drill Bit Types
Drilling Mud
Remedial Work
IV. Production
Abandonment or Completion
Basic Production Types
Production Hardware & Processing
Facilities Location
V. Pipelines
Treating / Processing Plants
Pipeline Types
Pipeline Construction
Compressor Stations
Metering Stations
VI. Safety
Drilling Safety
Pipeline Safety
VII. Environmental
Water Usage
VIII. Video / Animations
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Market Data Panhandle
Market Data West Central Texas
Public Education East Texas
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Oil and Gas Economics in Texas
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