Market Summary: West Central Texas (Abilene/San Angelo)


West Central Texas County Map
  • Major cities/towns included Abilene (Taylor County) and San Angelo (Tom Green County), plus Albany (Shackelford County), Breckenridge (Stephens County), Coleman (Coleman County) and Sweetwater (Nolan County). The combined population of these six cities/towns is about 233,000.
  • The campaign covered 19 counties in the West Central region of Texas. These counties included Callahan, Coke, Coleman, Concho, Eastland, Fisher, Glasscock, Irion, Jones, McCulloch, Menard, Mitchell, Nolan, Runnels, Schleicher Shackelford, Stephens, Taylor and Tom Green. The combined population of these counties is a little over 370,000.
  • The rating service, Arbitron, estimates that 133,600 people, aged 12 and older ("12+ population"), are in the Abilene radio market. It is ranked as the 246th-largest radio market in the U.S. Arbitron also estimates that 87,600 people, aged 12 and older ("12+ population") are in the San Angelo radio market. It is ranked as the 289th-largest radio market in the country. Combined, the two markets have a 12+ population of 221,200.

Advertising logistics

  • Advertising ran between March 9 and April 5.
  • Several themes introduced in the Panhandle market were continued in the West Central Texas market. These themes included a heavy emphasis on production tax contributions to local governments and school districts; good-paying jobs created by the industry; and the fact that independents do the vast bulk of drilling and producing in Texas. In addition, a new theme was added to tout the Foundation’s Natural Gas Advantage program, highlighting the benefits to consumers and the economy of boosting natural gas supplies and usage.
  • In addition, two themes originally introduced in the East Texas market were continued and freshened. One of these themes was the ability of Texas to lead the way in solving the nation’s energy problems. The other theme was the economic drain caused by importing large amounts of foreign oil, as well as the environmental risk (via tanker spills), both of which can be solved by expanding oil and gas production at home.
  • Ads ran in two newspapers for four weeks:
    • Abilene Reporter-News (Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays)
    • San Angelo Standard-Times (Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays)
  • Circulation totals for these newspapers are:
    • Abilene Reporter-News, 50,065 daily and 62,378 on Sundays
    • San Angelo Standard-Times, 4,700 daily and 5,200 on Sundays
  • Ads ran on six radio stations for four weeks:
    • Three in Abilene—including two sister stations tied for #2 in the market, KEAN-FM (Country) and KEYJ-FM (Active Rock); and their third sister station, ranked #5 in the market, KSLI-FM (News/Talk)
    • Three in San Angelo—three sister stations, including KIXY-FM (Top 40/Contemporary Hits), KKSA- AM (News/Talk) and KWFR-FM (Classic Rock). Updated ratings are not immediately available. As in the previous two markets, these stations were chosen on the basis of their programming formats and ratings.


  • A pre-advertising survey was conducted through the auspices of Gap Broadcasting affiliates KEAN-FM and KEYJ-FM. The results showed similar public attitude percentages to those experienced in the East Texas and Panhandle markets. In particular, improvement occurred on the following topics:
    • Major oil companies drill what percentage of new Texas wells? (answer: 4%, showing how independents drill the vast share of new wells)
    • Whether people believe that the industry’s image is better than 5 years ago
    • The largest polluter offshore is shipping vessels, not production platforms
    • The industry’s concern for the environment and related matters
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