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In April 2009, the Foundation for Energy Education launched an important, new program to promote the benefits of natural gas in Texas. Called “The Natural Gas Advantage,” this initiative will communicate the many advantages of natural gas as a solution to our energy and environmental challenges.

Ironically, in the past, neither the marketplace nor policymakers had endorsed widespread natural gas usage. This reluctance reflected a serious concern about declining U.S. gas production. However, the supply situation has improved dramatically in recent years. Natural gas output has surged, as new technologies have unlocked vast quantities of gas trapped in tight rock formations, and newly discovered fields. These new sources have fortified the market with greater supplies.

Given this new environment, it is imperative that the industry promote natural gas aggressively for power generation, transportation and a variety of other uses. Achieving these goals would also create thousands of high-paying jobs for Texans, as well as billions of dollars in new tax revenues.

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