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In Texas, more so than in many producing states, the nature of the industry requires it to operate in local communities. If operations generate conflict, the industry cannot simply “set up shop” elsewhere; it must either resolve the issue or abandon the prospect.

Drilling and Production operations can have a disruptive impact on local communities, and it is critical that the industry proactively address any questions or concerns. The Foundation for Energy Education is assuming that role by implementing this important community relations program. In effect, this initiative will focus on “problem prevention” through dialogue between producers and local citizens.

The online Resource Center below is an important piece of the program. It contains easy-to-understand explanations of basic industry operations in plain English. A variety of sub-topics is available for each main topic by clicking on a specific subject.


Economic Benefit to Texans, including the Barnett Shale/DFW area:


Online Resource Center for Citizens

I.     Leasing
II.    Exploration
III.   Drilling
IV.   Production
V.    Pipelines
VI.   Safety
VII.  Environmental
VIII. Video / Animations

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